Welcome to The Off The Rocks Forum.


Forum: noun.
Definition: A meeting or medium where ideas and views on a particular issue can be exchanged.


It’s human nature that people feel the need to be part of a community. Sharing interests and experiencing common unity. Belonging to social groups enables us to see that we are not alone, that our struggles are not that unusual and that people will always feel compelled to help and care for each other. People have always found a way to come together and as technology advances, the ways in which we’re able to do this has grown exponentially and made it easier than ever to connect to like-minded people. Internet forums are a fantastic way to engage with people.

When you sign up to The Off The Rocks Forum you get immediate 24 hour access to this custom made online support and discussion group. (You have our word that we won’t pass your email address on to anybody else.)

This is a niche social network created for people with a specific interest in matters pertaining to health, wellness, addiction and recovery. It’s a discussion group where you can start off new topics of conversation or join in with existing ones.

You can only post and interact on our forum if you’ve registered as a member.

Whether you’re looking for some friendly support or you’re able to offer someone else a helping hand – everyone is welcome as long as they adhere to The Off The Rocks Forum Code of Conduct (listed below).

The Off The Rocks Forum was created to provide a safe space for people genuinely interested in improving their lives to interact with likeminded people. To explore, exchange and discuss views and ideas, offload, ask for help and support, provide other people in similar situations with support, give tips, suggestions and recommend helpful resources. You can be as anonymous as you like and rest assured that there is a zero tolerance policy on trolling; anybody who doesn’t follow the simple guidelines will be blocked from using the forum with immediate effect.

The Off The Rocks Forum Code of Conduct


1. This forum was created to facilitate people in the exchange of views, ideas and information pertaining to health, wellbeing, addiction and recovery. Please try to stay on topic.

2. We request that you are respectful, considerate and tolerant of everybody who uses this forum, always remembering that it is a sign of an educated mind to be able to entertain an idea without needing to agree with it. You aren’t likely to agree with everything that everybody says on here and that’s fine, you don’t need to. Everyone will have different experiences and different ways of expressing themselves. Please refrain from any hostile conduct.

3.  Any advice given on this forum should not replace any advice you receive from medical professionals.

4. As with any internet interaction, do protect yourself. There’s no need to ever disclose specific personal details if you don’t want to. Until you really get to know somebody over a reasonable period of time, we’d advise against giving out your phone number or email address. If you do strike up potential friendships that you’d like to explore outside of the forum, we suggest that you exercise caution and do so at your own risk. We hope for the best though and foresee that many lovely friendships will be made here!

5. If you do ever feel that somebody is behaving in an anti-social way on this forum, please screenshot/photograph the exchange that concerns you and report it to us, with the photographic evidence at: theteam@offtherocks.co.uk