Episode Ten: Did We Just Become Best Friends?


I’ve had a little (two year!) break from podcasting, but I always knew I’d pick it back up again at some point, and what better time to do that than now?  At the start of a new year! (When we all collectively convince ourselves that we can take on much more than we can actually handle.) I’m joking of course, I can totally handle podcasting, I’ve just been a bit busy having my first book published, hurrah! It’s called The Off The Rocks Journal: The Ultimate Interactive Health Book, since you asked and it’s taking off in a way that I didn’t even dream of! (Seriously, my dreams are bonkers. I would never dream of something so straight-forward and lovely as my book doing well – do buy a copy and see what the fuss is all about.)


Anyway, in this podcast I’m chatting with my new buddy, Sara. (That’s ‘Sara’ like ‘Sarah’, not ‘Sara’ like ‘Zara’.) As we explain in the podcast, we only became friends a few weeks ago via the wonder of Instagram, but soon realised that we got on like a house on fire. So here we are chatting up a storm, getting to know each other and doing what British people do best: drinking tea and making fun of serious things. Happy new year! Big love.


Music: Suddenly I See by KT Tunstall