Episode Eleven: I’ll Be The Judge Of That


In this episode Jen and Sara discuss judgement. They start off well and with all the best intentions.

They chat about getting unsolicited advice from people; you know the sort. The type who question your decision not to drink alcohol as though, a) it’s a personal affront to them, b) it’s any of their business and, c) THEY know better than YOU about what it is that YOU need.

Somehow though, during the course of this conversation, Jen and Sara go wildly off topic and manage to mock an impressive range of people, places and things for no apparent reason other than they found it funny.

At one point Sara basically said that she wants to force feed sausage rolls to vegetarians and Jen called all poets and modern artists ‘complete wankers’.*

So you know, all in all, just your standard, run of the mill podcast. Nothing unusual to report here.

*They were totally joking. But consider this fair warning:

Maybe don’t listen to this podcast if you are easily offended/don’t understand the concepts of sarcasm and satire/are a humourless arsehole.


Music: Suddenly I See by KT Tunstall