Episode Fourteen: Dry Jan & Other Sober Stints


In this episode Jen and Sara talk about the phenomenon of Dry January and sober stints in general. Jen recalls that time she did a year sober only to pick up exactly where she’d left off, because she did no underlying work during that time. And how different things were when she took a break for 3+ years but did ALL THE WORK. (Turns out, you actually have to change things if you want things to change. Weird.)

Sara explains, from a therapist’s point of view, how we’re all responsible for ourselves. That we mustn’t assume responsibility for anyone else’s decisions. That we’re all accountable for our own actions; no exceptions.¬†She is so wise.

But then she started talking about dog penis, which, to be honest, brought the tone down a bit.

This is a good one. I mean they all are, let’s be fair, but this one is particularly just above average.

Music: Suddenly I See by KT Tunstall