Episode Fifteen: Can We Talk About Anxiety?


In this week’s podcast Jen and Sara chat about anxiety. How common it is, what it means to them, how they experience it and what they do to cope with it. Sara takes daily meds for hers, (as lots of people do) Jen doesn’t.

They explore how anxiety manifests itself in different ways at different times for different people. They ponder how some people derive comfort from spiritual aids such as crystals, tarot cards and clairvoyants and other people dismiss them. And how that’s all fine and dandy and you do you, boo, different strokes for different folks, whatever gets you through the night, live and let live, etc etc.

All that plus the usual laughs and shenanigans.

Thanks for listening. If you have any questions or suggestions ping an email to: theteam@offtherocks.co.uk

Music: Suddenly I See by KT Tunstall