Episode Nineteen: Jen & Ruby Get Sober Curious


In this episode Jen chats to Ruby Warrington. Ruby is a lifestyle writer and former features editor of Sunday Times Style. She is the creator of The Numinous; an outrageously popular online magazine. CoFounder of CLUB SÖDA NYC; a sober curious events club. And author of two books: ‘Material Girl, Mystical World’ and ‘Sober Curious’. 

It’s Ruby’s new book, Sober Curious, that Jen asks her all about in this podcast.

The sober curious movement has gained massive momentum over the last few years making it easier for people to go sober for whatever reason. Being mostly teetotal and taking frequent booze breaks has become normal, and fashionable, for many people.

Sobriety is no longer regarded as an unfortunate consequence, necessitating lifelong attendance at AA meetings. It’s now widely regarded as a fundamental facet of any happy, healthy lifestyle. By comparison, revolving a life around alcohol consumption seems archaic and unsophisticated.

Taking a long hard look at the way we see, and the way we use, alcohol is a necessary part of modern life. The wider the conversation, the more inclusive the perspectives and the more resources, the better.


Music: Suddenly I See by KT Tunstall