Episode Twenty: Sober Weddings, Baths, Bells & Whistles


In this episode Jen and Sara answer a great email from a lovely listener about sober weddings. They discuss how to remain happily sober in overwhelming, booze-centric situations. How to handle those pesky drink-pushers. And the importance of accommodating teetotal guests.

And then things take a bit of a turn; with no conversational framework in place Jen and Sara drift into chitchatting about some very dubious topics indeed. Jen wants a good visual on Sara in the bath. Sara ponders the perils of internet dating and the banality of small talk. And, of course, no podcast is complete without touching on the subject of bestiality.

The trajectory in this one is inexplicable, but it is funny and that’s the main thing, apparently.

Some swears.

Music: Suddenly I See by KT Tunstall