Episode Twenty One: Vaginas, Boundaries and More Vaginas


This episode was meant to be about boundaries, but was much more about vaginas.

Jen and Sara did, valiantly, try to cycle back to boundaries a couple of times, but ended up right back on vaginas again; how to take care of them, the importance of regular cervical screenings, the way the word ‘vagina’ is misused as a descriptor.

So keen for women to go for their smear tests that Sara volunteered to do them. (Fair Warning: that offer had more to do with her being a randy, single gay woman than being a qualified gynaecologist.)

Aside from all the glorious foofoo chat, they did manage to squeeze in a few other topics of convo: self care, car accidents, commutes, oh and Jen’s husband phoned her mid-pod and she answered the call because she likes to keep things real (and wildly unprofessional).

Until next week.

Some swears. Of course.

Music: Suddenly I See by KT Tunstall