Episode Twenty Two: Polyamory, Gayness & Boobs


In this episode Jen and Sara help another listener out with some great advice. (We use the word ‘help’ very loosely and ‘great advice’ is also a bit strong.)

Concerned Of Yorkshire wants him and his hubs to open their relationship up to a wider audience, but wonders if that’s wise. So we discuss the pros and cons of polyamory, whether we’d do it ourselves and, if we did, what our boundaries might be.

Sara chats about her experience of coming out as gay and Jen ponders how strange that is. Not how strange being gay is. Of course not. Any half wit knows that sexuality is a spectrum and that same sex attraction has always been, and always will be, a normal variation for a percentage of the population, and it has nothing to do with choice or morality. No, gayness is not strange in the slightest. (And if you think otherwise, you likely have unresolved issues around your own sexuality and you should look into that, chum.)

No, what is strange is that in our society, it often feels like we’re owed announcements and updates on a person’s sexual preferences. That’s what’s strange. Why should anyone feel any pressure to publicly declare their sexuality? It’s bonkers. Love is love is love.

And then we congratulate Jen on her breasts. The end.

Until next week!

Some swears. Of course.

Music: Suddenly I See by KT Tunstall