Episode Eight: What We Did


In this episode, Gigi and I chat about the practical things we did in order to get sober. The list includes: the influence of *Russell Brand, getting enough kip, 12 step meetings, great friends, Buddhism and food glorious food. (We also mention narcolepsy and necrophilia, but only by accident. They’re not on our list or anything. That would be weird.)

We express our disbelief over Trump. Gigi’s band wrote a new song. And right at the end of the podcast, just as we were animatedly agreeing on how amazing the natural world is, the cutest, teeniest, most brightly coloured bird that I’ve ever seen, alighted on my window sill.

I’m claiming it as a wink from the universe. I LOVE getting winks from the universe!

* The Russell Brand Documentary I referenced in this podcast is called From Addiction to Recovery (2012) and is available on Netflix.

Music: Suddenly I See by KT Tunstall