Episode Thirty One: Taking Breaks, Summer Holidays & TTFN!   In this episode, Jen and Sara talk about the vital importance of taking breaks. They discuss the many benefits of stepping away from things in order to gain perspective and take time to reassess, recharge and redirect. They chat about the value of taking breaks …READ MORE →

Episode Thirty: Can You Really Be Friends With An Ex?   Today Jen and Sara are asked: can you really be friends with an ex? It’s a tricky question, with many variables and they give their honest views and personal experiences, but only after Sara suddenly derails the convo with an anecdote about cat rape. …READ MORE →

Episode Twenty Nine: I Thought This Was Meant To Be Fun?   Today, Jen and Sara have a little catch up. Jen is about to move flats from a tiny studio to a (comparatively) huge place, which will look super minimalist because – thanks to living in a tiny place for the past year – …READ MORE →

Episode Twenty Eight: This Is What I Want To Be! (I think.)   In this episode Jen and Sara answer another listener email.  This one is from Brittany; a marathon running legend who wants to take a booze break but doesn’t know if she has what it takes to make that change. Jen thinks cognitive …READ MORE →

Episode Twenty Seven: Snooping, Sneaking & Coming Clean   On the podcast this week Jen and Sara address a listener’s dilemma about whether he should confront his girlfriend about some troubling things he’s read about in her diary. The advice is that, firstly, he should stop bloody well reading his girlfriend’s diary! And secondly, he …READ MORE →

Episode Twenty Six: Childhood Trauma, Feeling your Feelings & Sitting with Discomfort   In this week’s episode Jen and Sara help a listener who’s written in saying that she can’t stand her boyfriend’s children. Sara offers her perspective as a therapist and as someone who’s dated a single mother. Jen draws on her experiences of being …READ MORE →

Episode Twenty Five: Dating, Failed Relationships & Being Disappointed with Dolly   Sara’s all loved up at the moment (so is Jen but she doesn’t bang on about it half as much). So the topic of convo today is mostly about relationships; how to get into them, how to stay in them and how to …READ MORE →

Episode Twenty Four: Ethical Dilemmas, Frog Collections & E.T.   What do you do when someone gives you a gift (an ornamental frog, for instance) that you don’t like? What do you do when that person keeps giving you gifts (several ornamental frogs) that you don’t like? Do you lean into it, get a few …READ MORE →

Episode Twenty Three: Good Loving, Bad Reviews & Subpar Post Offices   In this episode Jen and Sara give advice to a listener who’s still single at 35 and worried about being left on the shelf forever. He wonders if his standards are too high and we agree that they probably are. ‘If you want …READ MORE →

Episode Twenty Two: Polyamory, Gayness & Boobs   In this episode Jen and Sara help another listener out with some great advice. (We use the word ‘help’ very loosely and ‘great advice’ is also a bit strong.) Concerned Of Yorkshire wants him and his hubs to open their relationship up to a wider audience, but …READ MORE →