Episode Seventeen: Sex Lines, Stalkers & The Pattinson Effect   This week Jen and Sara thought they’d ‘just start talking’ and see where the conversation went. Obviously, it went directly to: “Have you ever called a sex line?” And from there it went to Sara’s experiences as a Cam Girl, Jen’s experiences with psycho stalkers, …READ MORE →

Episode Sixteen: Flakey Friends, Codependent Cats & Winning at Wifing   In this episode Jen and Sara answer an email from a listener who’s feeling unsupported since she stopped drinking. Both Jen and Sara they said they couldn’t relate to that problem at all, and then proceeded to rattle off several personal anecdotes to the …READ MORE →

Episode Fifteen: Can We Talk About Anxiety?   In this week’s podcast Jen and Sara chat about anxiety. How common it is, what it means to them, how they experience it and what they do to cope with it. Sara takes daily meds for hers, (as lots of people do) Jen doesn’t. They explore how …READ MORE →

Episode Fourteen: Dry Jan & Other Sober Stints   In this episode Jen and Sara talk about the phenomenon of Dry January and sober stints in general. Jen recalls that time she did a year sober only to pick up exactly where she’d left off, because she did no underlying work during that time. And …READ MORE →

Episode Thirteen: Let’s Call Her…Gwenda!   In this episode Jen and Sara answered an email (although Jen kept referring to it as a letter because she’s old skool and surprisingly out of touch, tech-wise, for a media grad). To protect the sender’s anonymity they gave her another name; a name that doesn’t even exist apparently, …READ MORE →

Episode Twelve: Breaking Bad Habits   In this episode of the Off The Rocks Podcast Jen and Sara chat about habits; making them, maintaining them, breaking them and ultimately replacing them with better ones.   They chat about whether they think addiction is inherent or whether it’s learnt behaviour. How fiendishly hard they found it …READ MORE →

Episode Eleven: I’ll Be The Judge Of That   In this episode Jen and Sara discuss judgement. They start off well and with all the best intentions. They chat about getting unsolicited advice from people; you know the sort. The type who question your decision not to drink alcohol as though, a) it’s a personal …READ MORE →

Episode Ten: Did We Just Become Best Friends?   I’ve had a little (two year!) break from podcasting, but I always knew I’d pick it back up again at some point, and what better time to do that than now?¬† At the start of a new year! (When we all collectively convince ourselves that we …READ MORE →

Episode Nine: Choose Life   In this episode I talk to my beautiful friend Sonia. Sonia is someone who’s never had a drink problem but, except¬†for the rarest of occasions, happily chooses not to drink. Imagine that! Who is this unusual creature? What made her thus? How does she cope? Pretty well, as it turns …READ MORE →

Episode Eight: What We Did   In this episode, Gigi and I chat about the practical things we did in order to get sober. The list includes: the influence of *Russell Brand, getting enough kip, 12 step meetings, great friends, Buddhism and food glorious food. (We also mention narcolepsy and necrophilia, but only by accident. …READ MORE →