Episode Ten: Did We Just Become Best Friends?   I’ve had a little (two year!) break from podcasting, but I always knew I’d pick it back up again at some point, and what better time to do that than now?  At the start of a new year! (When we all collectively convince ourselves that we …READ MORE →

Episode Nine: Choose Life   In this episode I talk to my beautiful friend Sonia. Sonia is someone who’s never had a drink problem but, except for the rarest of occasions, happily chooses not to drink. Imagine that! Who is this unusual creature? What made her thus? How does she cope? Pretty well, as it turns …READ MORE →

Episode Eight: What We Did   In this episode, Gigi and I chat about the practical things we did in order to get sober. The list includes: the influence of *Russell Brand, getting enough kip, 12 step meetings, great friends, Buddhism and food glorious food. (We also mention narcolepsy and necrophilia, but only by accident. …READ MORE →

Episode Seven: Grey Area   I chat to my friend Lucy this week. Lucy’s story is really interesting because she has a really high rock bottom. And by that I don’t mean that she’s got awesome buns of steel like me. No, I mean before she gave up drinking, nearly four years ago now, her …READ MORE →

Episode Six: Take Two   This episode is the second recording of episode six because the original episode six never actually got recorded thanks to my bastard of a computer. (Apparently computers don’t live as long as people and I need to get a new one.) Anyway, it’s a shame that the first episode will …READ MORE →

Episode Five: What Life?   Well hello! Due to some technical difficulties (Skype, why do you hate me so?) and the fact that Gigi is away gallivanting all over England at present with her Buddhist chums, there has been a little break in podcasting and so this week’s episode is with a different one of …READ MORE →

Episode Four: Rock Bottom   Jen and Gigi discuss the concept of Rock Bottom. How it looked for them and how it can often mislead people; with problem drinkers perpetually assuming that their situation hasn’t gotten quite bad enough because they’ve, thus far, managed to avoid ending up on a park bench. The conversation this …READ MORE →

Episode Three: Getting to know Jen   In the third weekly installment of the Off The Rocks podcast, Gigi interviews Jen about childhood trauma, open heart surgery, divorce, teenage infatuation, squandered potential, building a media career, active addiction, co-dependency and recovery – and all in the space of an hour. We hope you enjoy it. …READ MORE →

Episode Two: Let’s get inside Gigi   In the second weekly installment of the Off The Rocks podcast, Jen gets all up in Gigi’s grill, in the most affectionate way possible. We get an insight into what makes Gigi tick, which things push her buttons and why the bloody hell she is as she is. …READ MORE →

Episode One: What are you doing here?   Join Jen and Gigi each week as they chat about life, love and their personal experiences with addictions of all kinds. What life was like then, what it’s like now and what it took for each of them to recover. In this first episode they discuss, in a …READ MORE →