‘On the rocks’ is a phrase that means: experiencing difficulties and likely to fail. Synonyms are: in difficulty, in trouble, breaking down.

Hello! Welcome to Off The Rocks. This website will help to guide you away from difficulties, troubles and breakdowns and towards a lovely life of health and happiness.

If you feel like you’re on the rocks in any way, don’t worry, you’re in good company. Half of us are overweight. Most marriages end in divorce and more people than ever before are depressed, anxious and addicted to something that desensitises them to their discomfort.

Off The Rocks was founded and established in 2015 by Jennie Nelson; writer, broadcaster and truth-telling trailblazer. It’s a friendly and informative snuggly space devoted to all things health related. It’s a continuously-evolving, no-nonsense collection of wellness resources and was created in the hope of helping people to better acknowledge, understand and address their health problems, whatever they might be:

Maybe you drink too much and can’t seem to moderate?

Maybe you comfort eat too often or smoke even though you’d rather stop?

Perhaps you’re depending on sleeping pills and caffeine because you’re unable to sleep at night or get going in the morning?

Maybe your relationships are suffering and your health is spiralling, you’re overstressed and underwhelmed and can’t quite seem to get back on top of things?

We all know that good health – physical, mental and emotional – is absolutely imperative to living a happy life, yet so many of us are unintentionally and continuously sabotaging ourselves in all manner of ways. Seeking happiness in things that disrupt our health and actively cause our unhappiness. Things such as junk food, late nights and booze binges.

I want to encourage people to reclaim all aspects of their lives and value their health so highly that the thought of destructive excess loses all allure.


I created Off The Rocks after I’d gone through my own struggle with anxiety, depression, excess and addiction. I saw first-hand how recovery from those sorts of problems is not straight-forward, how hard it can be to find the right help and how much work it takes to regain health and happiness once you’ve been derailed.

Recovering your health isn’t just about stopping your self-destructive behaviours. It’s about discovering why you were self-destructing in the first place. It’s about identifying exactly what it was that you were trying to numb out from. It’s about addressing the underlying issues and creating a life that you love to live – a life that you don’t want to escape from.

When I first decided to undergo a long-term sober stint – total abstention from alcohol, for at least a few years and perhaps forever – I was full of dread, fear and feelings of deprivation, but after a while I realised how pivotal that decision was. It was only once I’d shelved alcohol that I was truly capable of sorting the rest of my life out. I then saw with absolute clarity how most people are addicted to something, and how the majority of those people are in denial about it. I realised that the thing a person is addicted to, is merely the symptom of an underlying problem and that the underlying problem must be addressed alongside whatever substance abuse or dysfunctional behaviour the person has become reliant on, if they’re to fully regain their health and happiness. Addictions are essentially escapes from pain. The pain and the dependency will vary in specifics and severity from person to person, but we all endure painful experiences and we all learn to cope with our discomfort one way or another. All too often though, we develop unhealthy coping techniques that create even more problems. The good news is, it’s completely possible, enjoyable even, to change our habits, even very deeply ingrained ones, and you don’t have to hit rock bottom before you do something about it either. You can start now. You can begin with the very next decision you make. You can decide at any moment that there’s a happier way for you to live.


The blogs on here are written from the perspective of my own personal experience, opinion and knowledge base at the time of writing. I am not a representative of any organisation other than my own – Off The Rocks. I will intermittently write and publish new pieces as and when, so keep checking in to read new stuff. Feel free to get involved too; if you have any questions, comments or suggestions for future blog topics, do drop us a line: theteam@offtherocks.co.uk


I’m currently deep in the process of writing a book, which I’m extremely excited about. It incorporates a unique feature that will help people struggling with unhealthy tendencies. I’ll let you know more when I get further along in the book publishing process.


There will be new podcasts published as and when, where I will chat to my friends and other interesting people about anything health related. Nothing is off limits and we welcome questions, suggestions and feedback. Fair warning: there’s likely to be some swearing and the themes are definitely for adults only. If you have little ones around, maybe wait until the coast is clear before you hit play.


Sign up and access your very own custom-made online health support group. Find your tribe of like-minded individuals is right here, at your fingertips. Log in whenever you want to, whether it’s to ask for support or offer it to somebody else. You can be as anonymous as you like and create you’re own preferred topics of conversation. Rest assured that there is a zero tolerance policy on trolling here. If you ever have any problems whatsover with abuse, just report it to theteam@offtherocks.co.uk and it will be dealt with promptly on your behalf.

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I hope that what you find here helps you, inspires you and perhaps reignites that fire in your belly to improve your lifestyle in some way. Everything you need to live your healthiest, happiest, most beautiful life, is already within you.

I’m so glad you’re here.

With love, Jen.x