My fitness story   When I graduated from University in the Class of 2003, it was with a cigarette in one hand and a can of lager in the other. At a glance I look healthy enough, but I didn’t feel too hot. I’d spent the previous few years in higher education, studying and partying. …READ MORE →

Not last summer but the one before, I woke up to a curious feeling that something was different. My husband and I had been married for just over a year at that point and had planned to go into town for a long lazy weekend brunch (because: bonuses of being child-free). Since our wedding, we …READ MORE →

Where we chat about health, happiness, heartbreak, love, loss and life.   Name: Caroline Gender: F Age Bracket: 41-45 Occupation: Teacher Lives: London, United Kingdom   I believe in God but mostly because I think I’m too indoctrinated not to. It was how I was brought up. I didn’t question it. When you’re a kid …READ MORE →

Where we chat about health, happiness, heartbreak, love, loss and life.   Name: Luke Gender: M Age Bracket: 26-30 Occupation: Lawyer Lives: Birmingham, United Kingdom   Some of my earliest memories were TV adverts for a late night programme called ‘Men and Motors’. Half-naked women would writhe around encouraging men to call in and chat. …READ MORE →

Where we chat about health, happiness, heartbreak, love, loss and life.   Name: Jen Gender: F Age Bracket: 36-40 Occupation: Writer Lives: South Coast, United Kingdom   Point Break is my all time favourite film. I love everything about it. I don’t know how many times I’ve watched it but it’s a ridiculous amount and …READ MORE →

Get to know yourself In order to know what will make you happy, you first need to know yourself. (Duh!) We all have our personal preferences and individual character traits. What will make one person happy will make another person miserable. If you dislike big crowds, loud noises and disco dancing, you’re probably not a …READ MORE →

I don’t think a day goes by when I don’t hear someone banging on about fat shaming. Fat Shaming. Noun: the action or practice of humiliating someone judged to be fat or overweight by making mocking or critical comments about their size. Obviously, I don’t condone fat shaming. People can clearly develop dangerous addictions to food …READ MORE →

From Autumn 2012 until December 2013 I co-owned a bar and sensibly chose that time to get sober. (For context, you might want to check out Part One of this loony true story before reading on.) I didn’t get sober straight away. Of course I didn’t. I’m not insane. I did what any reasonable binge …READ MORE →

I celebrated three years sober a couple of weeks ago, and when I say ‘celebrated’ I mean that I raised an eyebrow when I noticed what the date was, thought something like: “no way, I’m three years sober today, that’s crazy.”  Then I made myself a cup of tea and carried on with what I …READ MORE →

You know how doctors in the 1930’s used to prescribe cigarettes to our grandparents? And then after a bit of research and a few million cases of death from throat cancer and lung disease, it turned out that smoking wasn’t so great for you after all? “Whoops! Sorry about that guys. Turns out, cigarettes are …READ MORE →