Today is the last day of 2016 and, as I do every year, I’m getting ready to make a few changes for the better. You can obviously resolve to do things differently anytime throughout the year, (and I often do) but I love the fact that if you give something up on New’s Year’s Eve, …READ MORE →

It doesn’t matter if you like Christmas or not, it’s pretty hard to avoid getting caught up in it. Usual routine goes out of the window. Work hours get messed up. Your gym’s opening hours inexplicably change. You’re invited to parties you’d rather not go to and you don’t get invites to the ones you’d …READ MORE →

In the autumn of 2012 I made a decision that stunned everyone around me; I left my radio presenting job and went into business as a bar owner. Furthermore, I made that decision shortly after I’d resolved that I would stop drinking. So, having the keys to my own bar really couldn’t have come at …READ MORE →

This might be the hardest skill I’ve ever had to master and it’s also the thing that has saved my life in thousands of different ways, on thousands of different days.   I’m not encouraging laziness or promoting apathetic inaction here. What I’m talking about is the fundamental necessity of recognising when you really need …READ MORE →

Seven things that helped me to stay sober at the start   1. I stopped accepting every invitation. If I was invited to an occasion where I knew I’d be tempted to drink (so, that pretty much covered being invited anywhere in the early days) I declined the offer. I gave a polite reason as …READ MORE →

Less than four years ago, in 2012 I appeared to be living the kind of life that dreams are made of. I worked as a breakfast show radio presenter at a big commercial station in a beautiful affluent area. I lived in a gorgeous two-bedroomed flat and I owned the little silver jeep that I’d always hankered after. I …READ MORE →

Hello, my name is Jen and I’m not an alcoholic.   I’m not an alcoholic because I don’t believe that there is any such thing as an alcoholic; at least not in the way that it’s commonly understood. Identifying as an alcoholic is a personal choice, and it helped me in some ways when I …READ MORE →